25.03.2024 08:15  CET

Announced strike at Austrian Airlines from 28 March – 29 March 2024

The trade union vida has announced a strike by the flying staff of Austrian Airlines. The strike is planned to last from 28 March, 12:00 a.m. until 29 March, 12:00 p.m. (36 hours). Flight cancellations until 28 March, 4:00 p.m. are already carried out. The remaining flight cancellations will follow on 27 March.

06.12.2023 16:06  CET

Weather-related flight schedule restrictions

After the extreme weather situation of the past days with snow and freezing rain, the Lufthansa Group airlines expect flight operations to return to normal again.

23.08.2023 10:26  CET

Problems with your baggage

You can find out where to claim compensation for damage, as well as where to get information about your delayed item of baggage, here.

20.04.2023 11:35  CET

Strike by the trade union ver.di at Dusseldorf, Cologne/Bonn and Hamburg airports on 20 April 2023 and 21 April 2023 and at Stuttgart airport on 21 April 2023

For Thursday, 20 April 2023 and Friday, 21 April, the trade union ver.di has called for a one-day strike of the security staff at the airports in Dusseldorf (DUS), Cologne/Bonn (CGN) and Hamburg (HAM) and for Friday, 21 April 2023 at the airport in Stuttgart (STR). Cancellations and delays are expected in the Lufthansa Group flight schedule to and from these airports. Cancelled flights can be checked in Altea CM and/or OneRes.

15.02.2023 11:19  CET

Flight disruptions due to an IT outage in Frankfurt

Currently, the airlines of the Lufthansa Group are affected by an IT outage. This is causing flight delays and cancellations. We regret the inconvenience this is causing our passengers.

11.07.2022 17:55  CET

Important notes for rebooking German domestic flights on Lufthansa Express Rail

As previously communicated, Lufthansa had to cancel flights in order to improve operational stability. As part of these flight cancellations, passengers on cancelled domestic Lufthansa flights to and from Frankfurt will be rebooked on Lufthansa Express Rail. Even if the passenger does not wish to use the alternatively booked train connection (LH flight number), they have to check-in for the train.

04.07.2022 12:12  CET

Lufthansa Group airlines to make flight schedule adjustments for winter 2022/2023

In order to be able to offer a reliable and plannable flight schedule for passengers, Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines, Lufthansa and SWISS have to adjust the originally planned flight schedule to the current situation by cancelling flights for the travel period from 30 October 2022 to 25 March 2023.

31.03.2022 11:27  CET

TWP 2202: Rebooking options for existing bookings

+++ This goodwill policy is no longer valid +++

To offer your customers more flexibility for their travel planning, we have again extended the rebooking deadline for existing bookings.

31.03.2022 11:02  CET

Information for travelers to/from Ukraine

Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines, Eurowings, Lufthansa und SWISS have suspended all flights to and from Ukraine through 30 June 2022.

14.03.2022 13:32  CET

Disruptions expected on Lufthansa Group flights from HAM/STR on 15 March 2022

Due to a strike by security personnel at the airports in Hamburg (HAM) and Stuttgart (STR) planned for Tuesday, 15 March 2022, there will be considerable restrictions in the Lufthansa Group flight schedule to and from these airports as well as in ground handling and at the security checks at the airport.

15.12.2021 14:00  CET

TWP 2107: Rebooking options for existing bookings

+++ This goodwill policy is no longer valid +++

To offer your customers more flexibility for their travel planning, we have again extended the rebooking deadline for existing bookings.

18.10.2021 10:28  CET

Travel to the USA opens again starting 8 November 2021

Good news: Starting 8 November 2021, unrestricted entry to the USA will be possible again for fully vaccinated travelers from the European Schengen area as well as from the United Kingdom, Ireland, China, India, South Africa, Iran and Brazil.

02.02.2021 12:56  CET

Information on Covid-19 testing at airports

At many international airports, you can get tested for Covid-19. The test is usually conducted in the form of a PT-PCR-Tests, in some cases in the form of other internationally recognized testing procedures for the direct detection of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus (LAMP, TMA as well as WHO-approved antigen tests).

21.01.2021 08:31  CET

TWP 2101: Rebooking options for existing bookings (tickets issued on/before 31 August 2020)

+++ This goodwill policy is no longer valid and has been replaced by the new goodwill policy TWP 2101 (Version 2) (11.052021, 11:28 hours) +++

The airlines of the Lufthansa Group are offering a new, simplified goodwill policy (TWP 2101). The rebooking/reissue of tickets issued up to and including 31 August 2020 is now possible through 31 May 2021.

24.08.2020 09:14  CET

Mandatory mouth-nose-mask on Lufthansa Group flights

When traveling with Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa, SWISS, Brussels Airlines and Eurowings, it is mandatory to wear a mouth and nose protection – while boarding, during the flight and when leaving the aircraft.

30.07.2020 16:28  CET

Entry regulations for Belgium

As from 1 August 2020, all passengers travelling to and transiting on Belgian territory need to complete a Passenger Locator Form before boarding their flight.

29.06.2020 15:54  CET

Lufthansa Group airlines publish flight schedule through October 2020

The summer timetable of Lufthansa, SWISS and Brussels Airlines, which is valid through 24 October 2020, is now published in the booking systems. Following the successful restart, Austrian Airlines will gradually expand its flight offer in the coming weeks.

25.06.2020 19:09  CET

A personal message from SVP Heike Birlenbach

Today was a special day for all of us here at Lufthansa Group. Perhaps a historic one, but certainly one that we will not forget. At the end of this day, it is important for me to get in touch with you directly, because you have certainly read and heard a lot about us in the past few days.

02.06.2020 07:45  CET

Protective measures during the journey at a glance

We want you to feel safe on your trip - especially in times of Corona. For this reason, the airlines of the Lufthansa Group have taken numerous other measures in addition to the mask requirement to minimize the effects of Corona.

06.04.2020 10:41  CET

Lufthansa Group airlines to reduce flight offer until 3 May 2020

Due to the ever-increasing spread of the coronavirus and the resulting drop in bookings as well as numerous entry restrictions, the Lufthansa Group airlines are reducing their flight schedules for the period of 20 April to 3 May 2020.

13.03.2020 18:54  CET

Lufthansa Group airlines continue operating to the USA

Despite the new travel guidelines ordered by the US administration on passengers from the European Union, Switzerland and other countries, Lufthansa Group airlines will continue to offer flights to the USA from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Belgium.

11.03.2020 15:26  CET

Lufthansa Group announces flight cancellations for April 2020

Due to the exceptional circumstances caused by the spread of the coronavirus, Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa, SWISS and Brussels Airlines have published a reduced flight schedule for the period from 29 March to 24 April 2020.

10.03.2020 15:52  CET

Flying in times of Corona?

Flying in times of Corona? You and your customers certainly have many questions about it. We have compiled some facts and answers.

31.01.2020 16:18  CET

Entry Restrictions Singapore

Singapore has issued entry restrictions for passengers who travelled to mainland China within the past 14 days. The entry restriction also applies for passengers with a People’s Republic of China passport and is effective as of Saturday, 1 February 2020 (11:59 pm local Singapore time).

19.12.2019 13:52  CET

Reduced catering on Lufthansa flights from 19 to 21 December 2019

The Verdi union called on LSG Sky Chefs employees to strike on Thursday, 19 December 2019. Regrettably, therefore, on Thursday, 19 December and on Friday, 20 December 2019, we will be unable to offer any meals or beverages on German domestic and European flights. There will also be some restrictions on Saturday, 21 December 2019.

19.12.2019 10:00  CET

Labor court banned the strike at LSG Sky Chefs

Yesterday evening, the labor court banned the strike at LSG Sky Chefs in Frankfurt and Munich. Lufthansa's top priority is to ensure a reliable timetable and safe flight operations.

17.10.2019 10:15  CET

Flight disruptions to/from Barcelona

Due to the current situation in Barcelona and a general strike that has been announced, there may be adverse effects on Lufthansa Group flights to and from Barcelona.

01.10.2019 08:17  CET

Adria Airways has ceased operations

The Slovenian airline Adria Airways (JP) has filed for bankruptcy and discontinued flight operations on 30 September 2019.

13.08.2019 16:44  CET

Flight disruptions to/from Hong Kong

Air traffic to and from Hong Kong (HKG) is currently severely restricted. As a result, Lufthansa Group flights to/from Hong Kong may be adversely affected.