Brussels Airlines to reactivate self-service refunds via GDS and NDC

Until 17 September 2020 Brussels Airlines will have reactivated the refund functionalities in all reservation systems. You will then be able to to use the automated self-service element of your GDS or NDC booking channel again for the refund of tickets and EMDs issued on Brussels Airlines (082) document.

What you should consider when doing refunds

  • In selected countries* refunds must still be submitted via BSPlink (Refund Application)**

  • All unused and partially used tickets and EMDs with coupon status "O" (open) can be refunded

  • For cancelled flights, the refund can be made on an involuntary basis according to the SN INVOL rules. For refunds of bookings not impacted by flight cancellations please refer to the fare conditions to avoid possible ADMs

  • We want to remind you that in some cases, e.g. if a flight operated by another airline (OAL) is cancelled on an SN ticket, an approval (waiver) from the Lufthansa Group Agency Support is required for the refund

What happens to refund requests which have already been submitted?

Outstanding refunds already submitted via BSPlink** will be processed as quickly as possible. In order to speed up payment for your customers, from 17 September 2020 you can also self-service the refund via the GDS or NDC for Brussels Airlines tickets or EMDs which you had already submitted for refund via BSPlink**. There is no need to delete the original refund request. We will delete the application in BSPlink** when your self-serviced refund has changed the status of the unused coupons to "R" (refunded).

How to avoid ADMs

Due to the high complexity, we recommend that you continue to submit refunds for tickets reissued according to the goodwill rules and for partially used tickets via BSPlink.*

* Albania, Argentina, Bahrain, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Lebanon, Nigeria, Pakistan, Turkey, Zambia and Zimbabwe

** Applicable to countries without a BSP: refunds by e-mail using the standard process

16.09.2020 18:03  CET