Flexible travel planning – with free of charge rebooking through 28 February 2021

In times like these, nothing is more important than feeling at ease. To ensure that your customers can continue to book their travel with confidence and flexibility, all fares of Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa, SWISS, Air Dolomiti, Brussels Airlines and Eurowings can be rebooked as often as necessary and without a change fee – through 28 February 2021.* Both the routing (including origin and destination)** and the travel date can be adapted to the new plans. This rebooking flexibility applies to all tickets issued between 25 August 2020 and
28 February 2021.

Important notes on rebooking flexibility:

  • Please note that all fare conditions must be adhered to when rebooking. If necessary, a fare difference has to be charged, for example for the new route, booking class or season

  • In principle, the rebooking fee is waived for any – even multiple – rebookings that are made through 28 February 2021. In addition, the first rebooking or reissue which takes place after this date is also free of any change fees

  • In the case of rebooking/reissue, the standard rules for fare calculation (current fares/historical fares) apply

  • If the reissue is based on the current fare (e.g. when rebooking the first coupon), the fare conditions of the new fare apply after the rebooking. This means that a change fee may be charged for any future travel changes (provided the new fare can only be rebooked against a fee) or an originally fully flexible fare (FF) may no longer be refundable free of charge

These fare conditions apply to all distribution channels as well as to all published and unpublished/private fares. Since the more flexible fare conditions have been included in the fare rules, you can use the automated reissue functionalities of your reservation systems if CAT-31-based reissue tools are being used.

* With the exception of bookings with the point of commencement in Japan
** Exception: German domestic tickets may not be changed into international tickets and vice-versa

01.12.2020 09:01  CET