Guidelines for Farelogix and GDS: Handling of the EUR 50 discount for reissues

The Lufthansa Group airlines, Farelogix, GDS Galileo (1G), Sabre (1S), Apollo (1V) and Worldspan (1P) have developed solutions to apply the reduction (for fare difference) or credit (Residual Value EMD) of EUR 50/USD 50/CHF 50*, according to the goodwill policies (TWP 2011) in the case of rebookings/reissues. This was up until now only possible in the GDS Amadeus (1A).

Please note the following information on the issuing of Residual Value EMDs for SWISS and Brussels Airlines:

  • For technical reasons, Residual Value EMDs for SWISS can only be issued in Amadeus and Farelogix/SPRK. In all other GDS’s, please request the EMD refund according to the SWISS standard process via BSPlink (Refund Application). Non-BSP markets can request the EMD refund via e-mail. Mandatory PNR entry "COVID Refund EUR 50"

  • For Brussels Airlines the Residual Value EMD is available in Amadeus, Farelogix/SPRK and Galileo. For other GDS’s, please also request the EMD refund via BSPlink (Refund Application)

The following guidelines show how to apply the discount of EUR 50/USD 50/CHF 50* for rebookings/reissues in your reservation system:

If you have any questions regarding the transactions, please contact the helpdesk of your reservation system.

For reissues in Sabre (1S), Apollo (1V) and Worldspan (1P) please contact the helpdesk of your GDS.

If you complete the reissue on behalf of the passengers, your travel agency will receive a bonus of EUR 10/USD 10/CHF 10* for each ticket reissued. Please remember to include the SSR OTHS element when reissuing the ticket: SSR OTHS-TWP2011 (for reissues according to TWP 2011) or SSR OTHS-TWP2012 (for reissues according to TWP 2012).

If you are working with another reservation system which does not technically support the processing of discounts or credits for rebookings/reissues, you may contact your Lufthansa Group Agency Support (for published fares only) for assistance.

  • The Agency Support team will reissue the ticket taking the discount into account and, if necessary, issue a Residual Value EMD which will be refunded at a later date

  • Due to technical limitations, you will not have access to these tickets and EMDs later

  • The travel agency bonus of EUR 10/USD 10/CHF 10* per reissued ticket does not apply

* or equivalent to EUR in local currency

28.04.2020 15:56  CET