GWP012: Groups Waiver Policy for group bookings to/from Tel Aviv

Please note: GWP012 does not apply for cancelled flights. For cancelled flights and unticketed groups, please refer to the standard irregularity procedures. For cancelled flights and ticketed groups, please refer to TWP2304 or the standard irregularity procedures.

The goodwill policy for groups (GWP012 version 2) is applicable if following prerequisites are fulfilled:

  • Validity: from 11 to 31 October 2023 (latest day of cancellation)

  • Eligibility: All unticketed groups including allotments and negospace (Brussels Airlines: not applicable for nego space and allotment)

  • Booking date: on/before 11 October 2023

  • Original travel date: from 7 October 2023 to 15 January 2024

  • Validating Carrier: OS/LH/LX/SN

  • Flights: all flights to/from Tel Aviv, Beirut, Amman and Aqaba (including open-jaw flights)


  • General: As per standard voluntary rebooking rules, usual rebooking conditions apply.
    Note: Either inbound or outbound may be changed. If all directions shall be changed, cancel file as per GWP and request new group.

  • New date of travel: As per standard voluntary rebooking rules within booking window

  • Permitted flights/carriers usage: OS/SN/EW/LH/WK/EN

  • All other rules/conditions: According to original fare rule

  • Request process: Please contact your Groups Service Team in case of rebooking

  • Ticketing instructions: Please contact your Groups Service Team in case of rebooking for further instructions, refer to GWP012


  • After ticketing: Not covered by GWP, refer to TWP2304

  • Before ticketing: Permitted free of charge

  • Cancellation instructions for unticketed groups: Please contact your Groups Service Team in case of cancellation

15.10.2023 18:23  CET