Important notes for rebooking German domestic flights on Lufthansa Express Rail

As previously communicated, Lufthansa had to cancel flights in order to improve operational stability. The cancellations mainly affect German domestic routes and flights within Europe, for which alternative transport options are mostly available. As part of these flight cancellations, passengers on cancelled domestic Lufthansa flights to and from Frankfurt will be rebooked on Lufthansa Express Rail. Tickets already issued will be automatically revalidated.

With Lufthansa Express Rail in cooperation with Deutsche Bahn, your customers can travel comfortably on extra-fast trains from more than 20 railway stations in Germany to/from Frankfurt Airport. The Lufthansa boarding pass is also the ticket for the train. Check-in must therefore take place online no later than 15 minutes before the train's departure.

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Important notes for rebooking German domestic flights on Lufthansa Express Rail

  • Even if the passenger does not wish to use the alternatively booked train connection (LH flight number), they have to check-in for the train. If they are not checked in, an automated check-in for the onward flight from Frankfurt will not be possible

  • Alternatively, the segment of the train journey (e.g. QDU-FRA) can be cancelled (if technically possible) and the ticket reissued on involuntary basis so that the passenger can check-in for the flight departing from Frankfurt

Exchanging a German domestic flight coupon into a rail ticket with Deutsche Bahn

In the event of a cancellation of a German domestic Lufthansa flight, travelers can exchange their flight ticket into a ticket with Deutsche Bahn (rail voucher) free of charge within 48 hours before the departure of the scheduled flight. This is only possible for flights cancelled at short notice (flight cancellation without alternative booking on Lufthansa Express Rail) and only during the check-in process. Provided that the contact details are stored in the booking, affected passengers will be informed about the cancellation of the domestic flight and will receive the link for the exchange into a Deutsche Bahn ticket.

In the case of flight cancellations with a rebooking on Lufthansa Express Rail, no exchange into a rail voucher is possible. The boarding pass for the Lufthansa Express Rail journey replaces the ticket or rail voucher.

Well prepared for travel

In the current situation, it is particularly important to be well prepared when traveling. With these tips, you can make it easier for your customers to prepare for their trip and make their stay at the airport as pleasant and stress-free as possible.

  • Travelers are asked to check the flight status before setting out on their journey

  • We recommend arriving at the airport well in advance of departure, especially if checking in luggage. Please follow the recommendations of the airports regarding arrival times

  • Using our self-service bag drop kiosks to check in baggage is simple and fast. Baggage receipts for checked baggage will also be issued at the kiosk

  • It is also suggested to reduce hand luggage to a minimum to avoid longer waiting times at the security checkpoints and the subsequent checking of luggage

  • Always recommend digital and contactless check-in via the airline’s website or app to your customers

  • In order to enable us to inform your customers in case of irregularities as early as possible by e-mail, please always enter the customer contact details using the “SSR CTC” format in the PNR

11.07.2022 17:55  CET