Information for Lufthansa Group passengers from/to China

Due to the current spreading of the corona virus, Lufthansa Group passengers have the possibility to rebook or refund their travel to or from China free of charge.

Goodwill policy for a refund free of charge as well as rebooking/reissue of flights which are not cancelled

The goodwill policy is applicable if following prerequisites are fulfilled:

  • Passengers with a booked flight between 24 January and 23 February 2020, whose OS/LH/LX/SN ticket has been issued on/before 23 January 2020, and

  • Itineraries with origin or destination in Mainland China, excluding Hong Kong (HKG) and Macau (MFM), and

  • Austrian Airlines/Brussels Airlines/Eurowings/Lufthansa/SWISS flights (operated by OS/LH/LX/WK/SN/EW/4U) between Europe and Mainland China (excl. HKG and MFM), or

  • Flights operated by other airlines (OAL) with OS/LH/LX/WK/SN/EW/4U flight numbers (“code share”) from/to Mainland China, (excl. HKG and MFM), or

  • Air China flights (CA flight number and operated by CA) between Europe and Mainland China

Tickets which fulfill the above mentioned conditions can be refunded free of charge.

If you are doing the refund yourself, please note:

  • No waiver is needed for refund of completely unused tickets provided all prerequisites as described above are fulfilled. OPC and DCC (YR) remain non-refundable.

  • Refunds of partially used tickets should be requested via refund application, e.g. via BSPlink

For rebookings the following rules apply:

  • Rebooking on an alternative Lufthansa Group flight/connection (flight number and operated by: OS, SN, EW, 4U, LH, LX, WK) – in the original booking class.

  • New travel date latest on 30 September 2020

  • The change of origin/destination is not permitted.

  • In the case of reissues the endorsement entry should read: TWP 2002

If you do the rebooking/reissue yourself, a waiver by your Lufthansa Group Agency Support is needed.

24.01.2020 21:14  CET