Information for Lufthansa Group passengers to/from China, Japan, Korea and Kazakhstan

Due to the closure of Ukrainian and Russian airspace for overflights, the Lufthansa Group airlines have adjusted the flight routes to/from China, Japan, Korea and Kazakhstan through 26 March 2022. On Lufthansa Group flights affected by these adjustments, there will therefore be a short-term change in departure and arrival times.

If the feeder/de-feeder flights have to be changed due to the modified departure and arrival times, a manual rebooking may be necessary.

For passengers affected by schedule changes, the Schedule Change/Irregularity Policy for Travel Agents (OS/SN/LH/LX) applies. Please note that in certain cases an approval (waiver) by your Lufthansa Group Agency Support may be required.

02.03.2022 11:00  CET