Labor court banned the strike at LSG Sky Chefs

Yesterday evening, the labor court banned the strike at LSG Sky Chefs in Frankfurt and Munich. Lufthansa's top priority is to ensure a reliable timetable and safe flight operations. Production bottlenecks continue to occur due to the court's short-term decision in the late evening and higher sickness rates in LSG's operations. As a result, Lufthansa is unable to provide the usual selection of beverages and meals on some domestic German and European routes. Long-haul flights are loaded with the regular catering offer.

Lufthansa will reimburse reasonable costs after presentation of the receipts if customers have provided themselves with drinks or food on Thursday morning, 19 December 2019.

Lufthansa regrets the inconvenience for its passengers. Lufthansa cannot rule out a short-term change in the situation and ask their guests to keep themselves informed about the current status on

19.12.2019 10:00  CET