Lufthansa adjusts flight availability | Simplified rules for reissues (involuntary)

In order to further improve operational stability, Lufthansa will cancel additional flights for July through September 2022. The cancellations will mainly affect German domestic flights and flights within Europe, where there are usually several frequencies or alternative travel options. Popular vacation destinations are currently only affected to a minor extent.

Lufthansa does the utmost to offer an alternative travel option to all guests who are affected by a flight cancellation. To ensure this, availability on Lufthansa flights within Germany and Europe, as well as to the USA and Canada, was temporarily reduced to one booking class per compartment. This applies to new bookings or rebookings through 7 July 2022.

  • Applicable to all Lufthansa (LH) operated flights within Germany and Europe and to the USA and Canada (westbound) as well as to all Air Dolomiti (EN) flights

  • For these flights, only booking classes J and Y or additionally G and F (on USA and Canada flights) are available for travel through 31 July 2022 (within Germany and Europe) or 10 August 2022 (to the USA and Canada)

  • The reduced availability applies to all booking channels (including and Lufthansa Service Center). Booking or rebooking to any other booking class is restricted to the automated rebooking tools of Lufthansa

  • In any reservation system, you can only book one of the available booking classes (J, Y, G, F). For Lufthansa flights, you can rebook after flight cancellations according to the SKCHG/INVOL Policy into the next higher booking class within the same compartment. This means: Economy Class passengers to Y-Class, Business Class passengers to J-Class. No waiver is required

  • Until 7 July 2022 and for travel in the above mentioned time period, rebookings on a voluntary basis can only be made into Y, J, G and F classes with additional collection - waitlist bookings are not possible. New bookings are also only possible in classes Y, J, G and F
  • Please note: Lufthansa Group Agency Support sees the same availability as you and has no possibility to make a waitlist booking. Therefore, please refrain from making such requests

Simplified rules for reissues (involuntary)

In order to facilitate your handling and to increase the availability of our Agency Support Teams again, the airlines of the Lufthansa Group have temporarily simplified the rules for reissues on involuntary basis. Please process these on your own without contacting the Lufthansa Group Agency Support. No waiver is required, no ADMs will be issued in these cases.


  • Up to and including 31 August 2022 (date of reissue)

  • Austrian Airlines (257), Brussels Airlines (082), Lufthansa (220) and SWISS (724) tickets with at least one segment which is affected by a flight cancellation or time change of more than two hours


  • All flights newly booked as part of a rebooking must bear an OS/SN/EW/LH/LX/EN/4Y/WK flight number and be booked in the originally ticketed compartment. A change of compartment is not permitted, e.g. from Economy Class to Business Class

  • Note: The entry in the Endorsement Box must be correct and complete: Always start with "SKCHG" for long-term or "INVOL" for short-term and flight number/date of affected flight e.g., OS225/03MAY. If an OAL caused the flight cancellation/time change, you must also enter the code CNXOAL

All other cases must be processed according to the SKCHG/INVOL Policy and may require a waiver.

Important notes regarding short-term flight cancellations

As already communicated, in case of short-term flight cancellations in the period of within up to 5 days before departure, no (immediate) UN will be set in the PNR in all cases. In this case, you can do the rebooking/reissue without having to request a waiver.

» To the Factsheet „Notes regarding short-term flight cancellations“

Up-to-date information on any further required adjustments to the flight schedule or handling instructions, can be found at any time at

These are challenging times for all of us with unusual measures and restrictions. We realize the ongoing, but unfortunately necessary flight schedule adjustments greatly impact you and your teams. Please be assured that we are doing everything possible, including dialogues and exchanges with representatives of travel agencies and tour operators, to cushion these challenges as best as possible. We greatly appreciate your trust, loyalty and thank you for your continued support.

01.07.2022 13:51  CET