Lufthansa and Eurowings to publish additional flight cancellations for summer 2022

The entire aviation industry, especially in Europe, is currently suffering from bottlenecks and staff shortages. This affects airports, ground handling services, air traffic control and consequently airlines. The Lufthansa Group airlines have implemented numerous measures and are recruiting additional personnel as much as possible to ensure the greatest stability of the flight schedule.

However, to offer passengers the best confidence in their planning and to provide information as early as possible, the Lufthansa Group airlines are adjusting their flight program as follows:

  • Lufthansa will cancel another 2,200 flights out of a total of around 80,000 flights for July and August 2022. These cancellations will affect selected German domestic flights and flights within Europe, with the exception of popular vacation destinations which are fully booked during high season. In addition, time changes may occur

  • For the first half of September, Lufthansa will cancel another 600 flights (out of a total of about 15,000 planned flights) next week

  • Eurowings will implement flight cancellations from 5 July through the end of October 2022. The adjustment of the timetable up to 4 July 2022 has already taken place

Flight cancellations and rebooking options

The flight cancellations will be gradually implemented in the booking systems starting 23 Juni (for travel month July 2022) and 28 June 2022 (for travel period August through mid-September 2022) and will appear in your queue.

  • Passengers affected by flight cancellations will be rebooked automatically wherever possible

  • In the case of transfer connections, manual rebooking of feeder and de-feeder flights may be required

  • You may make changes to the automated rebookingsas well as refunds yourself, within the framework of the SKCHG/INVOL Policy

Note regarding short-term flight cancellations

In case of short-term flight cancellations within 48 hours before departure, no UN will be set in the PNR. In Amadeus, flight cancellation will be evident in the DO transaction, e.g. DO LH170/02JUL or via a flight status query on the airline's website.

We are aware that the cancellations will cause great inconvenience to affected passengers. However, the flight schedule adjustment is an unavoidable measure in order to ensure greater overall stability of the flight schedule throughout the summer. With these measures, an overload of ground processes during peak times should be prevented.

We regret the additional workload which the flight schedule adjustment will put on you. We would like to thank you very much in advance for your support in taking care of our mutual customers.

23.06.2022 18:00  CET