Lufthansa Group airlines publish flight schedule through October 2020

It's time to be reunited with the world! Whether it is visits to friends or family, the next business trip or the long-awaited holiday, many of your customers are starting to plan their next trip again. The airlines of the Lufthansa Group are reacting to the changed booking preferences and are now moving from short-term to longer-term flight planning.

From today, the summer timetable of Lufthansa, SWISS and Brussels Airlines, which is valid through 24 October 2020, will be implemented in the booking systems. Following the successful restart, Austrian Airlines will gradually expand its flight offer in the coming weeks.

By the end of October, over 90 percent of all originally planned short- and medium-haul destinations and over 70 percent of long-haul destinations will be served again.* Customers who are now planning their summer and autumn holidays will thus have access to an extensive worldwide route network via all Lufthansa Group hubs.

» You can find the summer flight schedule here

Flight cancellations and rebooking options

With the publication of the new flight schedule from 14 July to 24 October 2020, necessary flight cancellations will also be made. The flight cancellations will be gradually implemented in the booking systems from 29 June 2020 and will appear in your queue.

Customers affected by flight cancellations are rebooked automatically as far as possible. You can make any changes to the automated rebookings according to the Flight Irregularities Policy (OS/LH/LX), SN INVOL Rules bzw. EN INVOL Rules. Alternatively, you can make a rebooking free of charge for passengers who wish to change their routing based on the goodwill rules.

Staggered reconfirmation process according to travel date

In order to further facilitate the reconfirmation** of bookings affected by flight cancellations, we have staggered the confirmation deadline by travel date. This staggered approach applies initially to Lufthansa and SWISS PNRs only:

  • For PNRs with a travel date up to 31 August 2020, reconfirmation must be made within 21 days after the flight cancellation

  • For PNRs with a travel date on/after 1 September 2020, reconfirmation must be made within 42 days after flight cancellation

The LH/LX reconfirmation process will now also be activated for customers who have booked their flights directly with Lufthansa or SWISS.

For Austrian Airlines the reconfirmation process will be activated with the publication of the summer timetable.

» You can learn more about the reconfirmation process here

Rebooking options for new bookings through 31 August 2020

Your customers can book their next trip without worries. With the airlines of the Lufthansa Group they can rebook at any time, free of charge, for a new travel date up to the end of 2021. This now also applies to all new bookings up to 31 August 2020.

» To our goodwill rule for new bookings (TWP 2013)

We have provided an overview of the currently valid rebooking rules (involuntary and voluntary) in a PDF file for you to download.

» The rebooking rules (involuntary and voluntary) at-a-glance

* Subject to any travel restrictions
** The reconfirmation process for the upcoming flight cancellations will now also be activated for customers who have booked their flights directly with Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa or SWISS.

29.06.2020 15:54  CET