Lufthansa to publish additional flight cancellations for summer 2022

After the flight cancellations that have already taken place have led to noticeable relief and a stabilization of flight operations, Lufthansa is cancelling additional 2,000 flights in Frankfurt and Munich for the coming weeks in summer. The cancellations mainly affect flights in the afternoon and evening peaks, as this is when many flights take off at the same time and rotation delays have a particularly strong impact.

The aim is to offer a stable flight schedule, avoid ad-hoc cancellations and thus keep the impact on Lufthansa passengers as low as possible.

The adjustments will mainly affect German domestic flights and flights within Europe for which there are predominantly alternative transport options – for example, other flights or rail options. Popular vacation destinations are currently excluded.

» Important notes for rebooking German domestic flights on Lufthansa Express Rail

Flight cancellations and rebooking options

The flight cancellations will be gradually implemented in the booking systems starting 13 July 2022 and will appear in your queue.

  • Passengers affected by flight cancellations will be rebooked automatically wherever possible

  • In the case of transfer connections, manual rebooking of feeder and de-feeder flights may be required

  • You may make changes to the automated rebookingsas well as refunds yourself, within the framework of the SKCHG/INVOL Policy

Simplified rules for INVOL reissues – through 31 August 2022

In order to facilitate your handling and to increase the availability of our Agency Support Teams again, the airlines of the Lufthansa Group have temporarily – up to and including 31 August 2022 (date of reissue) – simplified the rules for reissues on involuntary basis. Please process these on your own without contacting the Lufthansa Group Agency Support. No waiver is required, no ADMs will be issued in these cases.

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13.07.2022 15:43  CET