Protective measures during the journey at a glance

We want your customers to feel safe on their trip - especially in times of Corona. For this reason, the airlines of the Lufthansa Group have taken numerous other measures in addition to the mask requirement to protect passengers and employees in the current situation.

We create physical distance

Distance guidance at the airport

We are providing our guests with clearly visible information on safe distances through floor markings or signboards in all areas of the airport.

Reduction of carry-on baggage to a minimum

Due to new regulations at the aviation security checkpoints in Germany, travellers are currently only allowed to carry one piece of hand luggage.

Modified security screening processes

Additional measures have been introduced at security control to maintain distancing and avoid physical checking and scanning.

Boarding by groups

When boarding, we ask passengers to board the aircraft in groups in order to allow sufficient safe distances.

We reduce contacts

Contactless boarding

Our quick boarding gates at the airports of Frankfurt and Munich (and at many other airports) allow contactless boarding.


The use of lounges at this time is limited. You can find the latest information in our lounge overview.

Simplified inflight service

In order to minimize contact between people on board, our in-flight service has currently been adjusted and reduced.

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We are increasing hygiene measures

Mandatory mouth and nose protection

In order to protect the health of all persons on board, passengers are required to wear mouth and nose protecting while boarding, during the flight and when leaving the aircraft.

Air filters

The air on board our aircraft circulates vertically and passes through highly effective filter systems, ensuring a complete air exchange within a few minutes. Thus, the excellent air quality, in combination with wearing a face mask, offers so much protection that it is not essential to maintain minimum distances to passengers in neighboring seats. Nevertheless, if the occupancy rate is low, the seats are of course allocated as widely as possible throughout the cabin.

Cabin cleaning

Surfaces & touchpoints in aircraft (e.g. armrests, seat belts, seat belt fastenings/buckles, tables & toilet door handles) are being thoroughly cleaned between flights using certified cleaning products. If the presence of a highly infectious disease such as COVID-19 is suspected, a special aircraft disinfection will be carried out by certified disinfection specialists in line with the Infection Protection Act.


02.06.2020 07:45  CET