Reconfirmation for bookings affected by flight irregularities

In the coming weeks, the airlines of the Lufthansa Group will gradually expand their flight offer and connect Europe with each other and with the world. In order to ensure that the offer corresponds to the current demand of our mutual customers we ask for your support. When we know how many passengers we can expect on our flights, we can better plan routes, frequencies and aircraft accordingly.

For this reason, Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa and SWISS are asking all passengers whose bookings are affected by a flight irregularity to confirm that they wish to use the new and/or remaining flights as booked.

As of 28 May 2020*, in addition to the UN or UN/TK an SSR element ("PLS VERIFY IF PAX DEF TRVL AND INSERT OSI YY PAX DEF TRVLG") with a standard deadline of 21 days will be entered into all PNRs in which at least one flight segment is cancelled and/or automatically rebooked. If your customer wants to keep the booking active, i.e. wants to use the remaining flights as booked, please confirm this by entering an OSI element ("PAX DEF TRVLG"). Otherwise, the booking will be cancelled automatically. To give you more time to process these PNRs as part of your standard flight irregularity handling processes, the deadline for reconfirmation has now been extended to 21 days. After entering an OSI element, the ticket can of course still be used for a reissue based on the goodwill rules or Flight irregularities policy.

If a ticket reissue is necessary, a new Ticket Time Limit (TTL) will be added to the PNR. If the booking is to remain valid, the OSI element must be entered and the ticket must be reissued within the respective time limit.

The reconfirmation process helps us to offer you realistic availability in the reservation systems for the next weeks.

ยป How the reconfirmation process works

If you have any questions, please contact your Lufthansa Group Agency Support.

For PNRs that are not affected by any flight irregularity, nothing changes. No SSR element will be entered into the booking and therefore no reconfirmation (OSI element) is required.

* Due to technical restrictions, the reconfirmation process for customers who have booked their flights directly with Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa or SWISS will be activated later.

28.05.2020 16:06  CET