Simplified rules for involuntary reissues – through 31 August 2022

Please note that the simplified rules for involuntary reissues will not be extended beyond 31 August 2022.

Effective 1 September 2022, the standard processes will apply again.

Please contact your Lufthansa Group Agency Support for involuntary cases that, according to the SKCHG/INVOL Policy, require a waiver.

In order to facilitate your handling and to increase the availability of our Agency Support Teams again, the airlines of the Lufthansa Group have temporarily simplified the rules for reissues on involuntary basis. Please process these on your own without contacting the Lufthansa Group Agency Support. No waiver is required, no ADMs will be issued in these cases.


  • Up to and including 31 August 2022 (date of reissue)

  • Austrian Airlines (257), Brussels Airlines (082), Lufthansa (220) and SWISS (724) tickets with at least one segment which is affected by a flight cancellation or time change of more than two hours


  • All flights newly booked as part of a rebooking must bear an OS/SN/EW/LH/LX/EN/4Y/WK flight number and be booked in the originally ticketed compartment. A change of compartment is not permitted, e.g. from Economy Class to Business Class

  • Note: All ticketing entries must be done as per SKCHG/INVOL policy. This includes the correct and complete entry in the Endorsement Box: Always start with "SKCHG" for long-term or "INVOL" for short-term and flight number/date of affected flight e.g., OS225/03MAY. If an OAL caused the flight cancellation/time change, you must also enter the code CNXOAL. In addition, the fare construction must start with S- respectively I- (as usual).

All other cases must be processed according to the SKCHG/INVOL Policy and may require a waiver.

20.07.2022 15:09  CET