SWISS makes further schedule adjustments from August through October 2022

The present situation throughout the airline industry including airlines is very tense with huge operational challenges. With further rising numbers of COVID-19 infections in some European countries and significant capacity constraints and strike actions at a number of European airports and air navigation services providers, these challenges are growing even more just as the high-summer travel season approaches. And all these developments have a direct impact on the stability of SWISS’s operations.

To pay due and full regard to its responsibilities towards its customers and provide them with as much planning assurance as possible in these volatile times, SWISS must respond to these developments and is proactively making further adjustments to its flight schedules for the period from August to October 2022. In doing so, SWISS is addressing the systemic industry risk and is helping to ease the present pressures on both its own flight schedules and the Swiss system as a whole. This will minimize the risk of short-notice cancellations or schedule modifications.

The cancellations, which amount to approximately 2 per cent of SWISS’s planned flight programme, will be made by further reducing frequencies. Of the 31,414 flights previously scheduled for the coming August-to-October period, SWISS will be cancelling 676 flights.

Flight cancellations and rebooking options

The flight cancellations will be gradually implemented in the booking systems and will appear in your queue.

  • Passengers affected by flight cancellations will be rebooked automatically wherever possible

  • In the case of transfer connections, manual rebooking of feeder and de-feeder flights may be required

  • You may make changes to the automated rebookingsas well as refunds yourself, within the framework of the SKCHG/INVOL Policy

SWISS greatly regret these further adjustments to the flight schedules that have now become necessary, and offer their sincere and express apologies to the customers affected and further partners for the inconveniences they will entail. SWISS will be able to offer the majority of affected passengers an alternative for the same day of travel.

29.06.2022 08:55  CET