The new Flight Value Voucher: Rebooking without time pressure

Customers whose flight has been cancelled or who wish to travel at a later date can now transfer the value of their unused ticket to a Flight Value Voucher. In addition, they will receive a Discount Voucher of EUR 50/CHF 50/USD 50*. This offer is valid for all passengers with Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa and SWISS tickets issued up to and including 15 May 2020 with a travel date until 30 April 2021.

Both the Flight Value Voucher and the Discount Voucher can only be redeemed for online bookings on the websites of the respective Lufthansa Group airline (, and and on It is not possible to redeem the vouchers at a travel agency or via the Lufthansa Group Service Centers.

Please note the following about the Flight Value Voucher:

  • The offer is only valid for tickets issued on Austrian Airlines (257), Lufthansa (220) or SWISS (724) document with a point of commencement in the European Union, Switzerland and Great Britain

  • Brussels Airlines tickets (082) cannot be exchanged for a Flight Value Voucher

  • A transfer of the ticket value into a Flight Value Voucher is available to all passengers – regardless of the original booking channel

  • Partially used or reissued tickets, PNRs containing EMDs, IT fares, group bookings and tickets paid for by invoice or cash cannot be converted into a Flight Value Voucher

  • When the ticket is converted into a Flight Value Voucher, the original ticket is set to coupon status "R" (refunded). Refund requests that have already been made are automatically cancelled. A refund request via BSPlink is also no longer possible

» To the Austrian Airlines Flight Value Voucher

» To the Lufthansa Flight Value Voucher

» To the SWISS Flight Value Voucher

You can still reissue all tickets which are excluded from conversion to a Flight Value Voucher on the basis of the goodwill rules or Flight Irregularity Policies – including a 50 EUR discount for the passenger and a EUR 10/CHF 10/USD 10 reissue bonus for your travel agency**. Of course, this also applies to all tickets for which your customers have not requested a Flight Value Voucher or Discount Voucher online.

Brussels Airlines FlightVoucher

Brussels Airlines customers can still register for the Brussels Airlines FlightVoucher on and redeem it by phone when rebooking via the Brussels Airlines Service Center until 31 August 2020. Alternatively as a travel agent, you can reissue tickets yourself and offer your customers a EUR 50 discount for the rebooking.

* Customers will only receive the Discount Voucher of 50 EUR if they convert their ticket value into a Flight Value Voucher on/before 31 August 2020. The Discount Voucher cannot be combined with the Flight Value Voucher when booking a flight. It can be redeemed until 31 January 2021 if the journey is completed by 31 December 2021.

** You can find the detailed prerequisites for the discount and the reissue bonus based on the goodwill rules (TWP 2011) here

16.07.2020 14:00  CET