TWP 2201: Extended rebooking and refund options for travelers to/from Ukraine between 14 February and 31 August 2022

The Lufthansa Group airlines are offering travelers to/from Ukraine the opportunity to rebook their flight or to have their tickets refunded free of charge.

Goodwill policy (TWP 2201) for rebooking/reissue/refund of flights which are not cancelled


  • whose OS/LH/LX/SN/EN ticket (257/220/724/082/101) has been issued on/before 4 May 2022, and

  • with an original confirmed ticketed date of travel on/after 14 February 2022 and on/before 31 August 2022, and

  • with a booked Austrian Airlines/Lufthansa/SWISS/Brussels Airlines/Eurowings/Germanwings flight to/from Kyiv (KBP) / Lviv (LWO) / Odesa (ODS) (operated by OS/LH/LX/SN/EW/4U), or

  • with a booked flight operated by other airlines (OAL) with OS/LH/LX/SN/EW/4U flight numbers (“code share”) to/from Ukraine

may rebook once free of charge or have their ticket refunded free of charge.
The following rules apply to rebookings:

  • Rebooking on an alternative Lufthansa Group flight/connection (flight number and operated by: OS, SN, EW, 4U, LH, LX) – in the original booking class or, alternatively, in the originally ticketed compartment.

  • Rebooking on flights operated by other airlines (OAL) – in the original ticketed booking class only

  • New travel date on/before 30 September 2022

  • New: Change of origin/destination: Voluntary change to travel to/from neighbouring countries instead of Ukraine is permitted without an additional collection as follows:
    • To/from Poland: WAW KRK KTW GDN WRO POZ
    • To/from Romania: BUH SBZ TSR CLJ IAS
    • To/from Moldova: KIV
    • To/from Hungary: BUD
    • To/from Slovakia: KSC

    Note: this option may be offered also to passengers with cancelled flights to/from Kyiv, Lviv and Odesa. Ground transportation from/to these airports must be organized and paid for by the passengers and cost will not be reimbursed. The passengers must be duly informed about this.

  • In case of an O&D change, only LH/CL/LX/OS/SN/EW-operated flights are permitted to/from the new sectors to/from Poland/Romania/Moldova/Hungary/Slovakia

  • In the case of reissues the endorsement entry must read: TWP2201

You can do the rebooking/reissue in accordance with this goodwill policy (TWP 2201) without having to request a waiver from your Lufthansa Group Agency Support.

The following rules apply to the refund:

  • The ticket can be refunded on a voluntary basis (provided all prerequisites as described above are fulfilled) – any cancellation/refund penalty is waived. This is also valid for non-refundable tickets. OPC and DCC (YR) remain non-refundable.

  • Please enter the waiver code “TWP2201” in the refund transaction
    • Amadeus: TRFU/WA TWP2201
    • Sabre: After direct refund “WFR” entry, enter “TWP2201” in the waiver box
    • Galileo/Travelport: Start direct refund via TRNE entry. Enter “TWP2201” in the waiver box (A/L authority)
    • Infini: Enter “TWP2201” under Refunds “Reason Code”
    • Axess: Enter “TWP2201” under “A/L Authority” in the refund template
    • Farelogix/SPRK: Enter “TWP2201” in the Refund window “Waiver code box”

  • You can do the refund in accordance with this goodwill policy (TWP 2201) and entry of the waiver code without having to request a waiver from your Lufthansa Group Agency Support

Part 2 – Lufthansa Group rules for rebooking/reissue/refund for cancelled flights

Customers affected by a flight cancellation can rebook once free of charge or have their ticket refunded. You are welcome to make rebookings/reissues/refunds for cancelled flights on Austrian Airlines/Brussels Airlines/Lufthansa/SWISS tickets yourself in accordance with the Schedule Change/Irregularity Policy for Travel Agents (OS/SN/LH/LX).

Please note: The Schedule Change/Irregularity Policy only applies to flights which have already been cancelled.

04.05.2022 14:16  CET