TWP 2203: Travel Credit EMD: Additional conversion option for existing bookings

+++ This goodwill policy is no longer valid +++

Fewer restrictions and more opportunities to finally travel again. There's no question about it, there's a mood of optimism – and more and more destinations are becoming within reach for the summer. The Lufthansa Group airlines have therefore decided to let the goodwill policies for existing bookings expire by 31 May 2022. As a result, starting 1 June 2022, rebookings and refunds can only be processed according to the fare conditions – and thus automated standard processes will once again apply, saving a lot of manual work.

For customers with old unused tickets who may not yet want to commit to a new travel date and routing, the airlines of the Lufthansa Group are now offering another option as an alternative to the current goodwill rule (TWP 2202) – which allows rebooking/reissue through 31 May 2022*.

TWP 2203: Conversion of the ticket value to a Travel Credit EMD – through 31 May 2022

Passengers with

  • an old unused international OS/SN/LH/LX/EN ticket, and

  • issued on/before 31 July 2021, and

  • a confirmed ticketed date of travel on/after 1 June 2020 and on/before 31 August 2021

may convert the value of their ticket from 27 April through 31 May 2022 to a Travel Credit EMD, which in turn can be exchanged for a new ticket within one year.

Advice: The Travel Credit EMD is particularly beneficial for customers with non-refundable tickets who wish to use the original value of their ticket at a later date.

Please note:

  • For technical reasons, you can only self-issue the Travel Credit EMD in the GDS Amadeus (1A). Tickets originally issued on the same IATA number but in a different reservation system (including NDC) can be converted to a Travel Credit EMD via Amadeus

  • If you exclusively use another reservation system, you can request the conversion of the ticket into a Travel Credit EMD via your Lufthansa Group Agency Support. In this case, the Travel Credit EMD can only be redeemed later when making a new booking by telephone in one of the Lufthansa Group airlines Service Centers

  • The Travel Credit EMD is valid for one year from the date of issuance and must be exchanged for a new ticket within this period. After that, the value expires (TCVT)

Detailed information on the Travel Credit EMD can be found in our Factsheet.

» To the Factsheet „Travel Credit EMD Handling“

For passengers with unused or partially used tickets who have been affected by a flight cancellation or schedule change (Involuntary), the SKCHG/INVOL Policy remains applicable.

Background information: Access to tickets is limited to 720 days

Lufthansa Group tickets are retrievable for 720 days after the last ticketed coupon travel date. After that, a reissue is no longer possible. For this reason, there are increasingly more "tickets on hold" with an originally booked travel date in 2020, which can no longer be accessed – and thus can no longer be used by your customers.

* For tickets with a booked travel date between 1 June and 31 June 2020, a rebooking/reissue is only possible through 18 May 2022.

25.04.2022 08:06  CET