TWP 2305: Lufthansa Group airlines offer goodwill policy for travelers to/from Munich

Regular flight operations at Munich Airport are still not possible due to the winter weather in Germany. As a result, the airlines of the Lufthansa Group have to cancel additional flights.

Part 1 – Goodwill policy (TWP 2305) for refund of flights which are not cancelled


  • whose OS/SN/LH/LX/EN ticket (257/082/220/724/101) has been issued on/before 4 December 2023, and

  • with an original confirmed ticketed date of travel between 4 December and 9 December 2023, and

  • with a booked Austrian Airlines/Brussels Airlines/Eurowings/Lufthansa/SWISS/Air Dolomiti/Discover Airlines flight (operated by OS/LH/SN/EW/LX/EN/4Y) from/to Munich (MUC), or

  • with a booked flight operated by other airlines (OAL) with OS/SN/LH/LX flight numbers (“code share”) from/to Munich (MUC),

may have their ticket refunded on a voluntary basis free of charge.

The following rules apply to the refund:

  • The ticket can be refunded on a voluntary basis (provided all prerequisites as described above are fulfilled) – any cancellation/refund penalty is waived. This is also valid for non-refundable tickets.

  • DCC and OPC remain non-refundable

  • Please enter the waiver code “TWP2305” in the refund transaction
    • Amadeus: TRFU/WA TWP2305
    • Sabre: After direct refund “WFR” entry, enter “TWP2305” in the waiver box
    • Galileo/Travelport: Start direct refund via TRNE entry. Enter “TWP2305” in the waiver box (A/L authority)
    • Infini: Enter “TWP2305” under Refunds “Reason Code”
    • Axess: Enter “TWP2305” under “A/L Authority” in the refund template
    • Farelogix/SPRK: Enter “TWP2305” in the Refund window “Waiver code box”
  • Ancillary EMD’s (for example for ASR or baggage) associated with unused portion of the ticket, can be refunded together with the ticket. Please enter the waiver code “TWP2305” in the EMD refund transaction

  • You can do the refund in accordance with this goodwill policy (TWP 2305) and entry of the waiver code without having to request a waiver from your Lufthansa Group Agency Support

Part 2 – Lufthansa Group rules for rebooking/reissue/refund for cancelled flights

Customers affected by a flight cancellation can generally rebook once free of charge or have their ticket refunded. You are welcome to make rebookings/reissues/refunds for cancelled flights on Austrian Airlines/Brussels Airlines/Lufthansa/SWISS tickets yourself in accordance with the Schedule Change/Irregularity Policy for Travel Agents (OS/SN/LH/LX).

Please note: The Schedule Change/Irregularity Policy only applies to flights which have already been cancelled or which have been automatically rebooked by the airline.

Important notes regarding short-term flight cancellations

In case of short-term flight cancellations within 48 hours (in select cases: up to 5 days) before departure, no (immediate) UN will be set in the PNR in all cases. In this case, you can do the rebooking/reissue without having to request a waiver.

To the Factsheet „Notes regarding short-term flight cancellations“

We apologize for any longer waiting times on the service hotlines and thank you and our mutual customers for your/their understanding in this extraordinary weather situation.

04.12.2023 15:14  CET